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Cypress Coach Lines COVID Safety Plan


1. Bathrooms will not be available on any vehicles.

2. Maximum of 49 passengers per vehicle.

3. Air conditioning will be turned on for air circulation at all times.
Fan speed will be at the highest air flow setting and set to fresh air.

4. Only one customer allowed in the CCL Office at a time.

5. Passengers damaging/defacing/vandalizing CCL COVID-Safe barriers will be asked to replace the barrier at their own expense through CCL COVID-Safe barriers manufacturer at a cost of $350/barrier.

Passenger Rules

1. One passenger per cargo bay at any time.

2. All passengers must sanitize hands with the sanitizer located at the entrance of the bus before boarding. This may require removing gloves upon entry.

3. Passengers are responsible for loading their personal items and equipment onto cargo areas.

4. Physical distance of staying 2 meters apart required when waiting for the bus and loading gear.

5. Passengers will stay seated until there is a 2 meter distance from the person in ahead when boarding or exiting the bus.

CCL Operators and Employees Guidelines

1. All CCL Operators and employee will undergo Mandatory COVID safety and enforcement training to cover these protocols.

2. Operators must thoroughly wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after fueling, visiting a public establishment, and processing payments.

3. Operators and any other CCL employees should remain outside the vehicle to maintain physical distance from passengers as they load.

4. Operators will load the guests onto the vehicle first, when possible, to maintain physical distancing between CCL employees and guests.

5. Load the vehicle from back to front, ensuring passengers maintain physical distancing.

6. Thorough Sanitation of interior spaces and every touch point surface on CCL Vehicles will be implemented. Example of touch point surfaces on CCL Vehicles: curtains, seat back handles, seat back trays, seat back magazine nets and reading lights. Temporary removal of as many of these items will be considered along with enhanced cleaning practices where this is not possible.

7. If a CCL employee tests positive for COVID, said employee will follow all government recommendations & protocol before returning to work. CCL will also be notified at once in order to do any necessary contact tracing.

8. If a CCL employee or guest tests positive and has been on a CCL vehicle, said vehicle will immediately be taken off the road to be properly sanitized and the driver will, if necessary, get a COVID test done before returning to work.

9. All CCL Employees and passengers will have website access to COVID prevention educational & protocol materials.

10. Payment system will remain cash, driver will wear gloves and sanitize after each transaction.

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